Our mission is to add value to the Estonian nature via exclusive off-road adventures and hikes.

We believe in bringing people closer together by giving them worry-free time with nature, culture, and each other.

We are Estonian Wildnest Resorts. We provide travellers with active and authentic time in Estonia, without the worries of logistics or discomfort. We lead multi-day journeys for those who want to experience nature and culture personally. Our adventures include exploring on bike, foot, or other human-powered means of transportation that allow our travellers to engulf themselves in their surroundings.

We explore nature and culture together with our guests. But as with any high-class expedition, at the end of a long day, our sojourners are greeted with local cuisine, everyday conveniences and spacious wilderness accommodation at our mobile resorts. Mornings start with a breath of fresh air, birdsong, coffee and finest warm breakfast.

Faces behind Estonian Wildnest Resorts



On the first meeting, Raul gives an impression of a very reasonable and straightforward person who maintains a clear head and a cool nerve even in the most complicated situations. This, by the way, is true because seeing Raul angry is as likely as seeing a polar bear in the Estonian forest. What is the secret to Raul's calm demeanor?

Only his closest friends know that he has achieved inner peace by roaming in nature and getting to know mushrooms. He loves to experiment with cooking and is always seeking new ways to incorporate his prized ingredient into his dishes. He finds inspiration in the process of creating food, and with his axe in hand, he can turn any campsite into a cozy culinary haven.



Birgit is an enthusiastic reader who easily breezes through 50 books a year. She can be found lost in a literary world or engaging in lively conversations amidst the buzz of social gatherings. However, nothing quite compares to her love of sailing - she can never resist an offer to set sail and let the sea wash away her worries.

With so many books, projects, and ideas competing for her attention, Birgit's energy and passion to get everything done to the highest standard is palpable. And when the work is done, she knows the value of kicking back with a glass of good wine and engaging in more lively conversation.



Sten is a passionate explorer, cyclist and hiker. Even though his adventures have taken him to 60+ countries, he remains loyal to his small beloved Estonia, where he knows every hidden corner. Armed with his undying love of nature and experience as a tour guide, he now crafts the best experiences for people longing to discover the true Estonia.

In addition, Sten is known for cracking weird jokes at any opportunity and jumping into icy water from a scorching sauna while blasting heavy metal from his speakers in winter.



Ago is a proud Estonian with a rural background. Although some may not consider him a typical Estonian due to his love for talking and meeting new people, he never shies away from a challenge. He takes a hands-on approach to life and has a hobby for every season.

Quality is of utmost importance to him, whether he's polishing his car to perfection or savoring a delicious meal. His desire to do things the best way possible and his exploratory spirit often lead him to seek out new places and experiences. Since 2011, he has been a travel professional, and his unwavering commitment to making the impossible possible in the travel industry has only grown stronger.



Ryan is often a bit difficult to categorize. He can feel at home in the financial district of New York City or the medieval old town of Tallinn, the heart of the Rocky Mountains in New Mexico or the rolling hills and pine forests of Setomaa in southern Estonia. He is an avid backpacker who loves to end a long day in a hot smoke sauna or a remote hot spring.

You can talk to him for hours around the campfire on varying topics, such as medieval tax theory, the allure of Estonian berry wines, or how to correctly chase away a bear from your campsite. He can often be found singing in strange locations at pop-up concerts with the Port of Tallinn choir, and his sometimes-crazy ideas lead to all sorts of adventures, including Wildnest Resorts.

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